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There we were, sitting in Hove, lovers of music but too lazy to go out. So we thought 'why not use our newly-knocked-through front room to create an intimate space for musicians to perform?'. They can play their songs, sell their CDs and make a few quid - while we can bask in their reflected glory like the fame-whores we are. Mmmm...

So, we promise you:

  • an up-close-and-personal experience (it's big enough, but not that big)
  • some great singer-songwriter-instrumentalists
  • you'll get to see every slide and every hammer-on
  • and every penny of your donation will go to the performer

House Concerts Cancelled for 2020

Mama's Broke

'Dark-as-December' Canadian Duo
Saturday | Anymonth | 202?

Mama’s Broke is a powerful folk duo that deliver a compelling performance with heart and raw energy. Although highly influenced by their Canadian roots, Lisa and Amy are based out of nowhere and everywhere.

Their two strong voices blend to create haunting harmonies, while they artfully juggle fiddle, banjo, guitar and mandolin, and incorporate traditional dance and foot percussion into their performance. Their original – and often dark – compositions push the boundaries of tradition and the constraints of genre. Drawing from old-time, Quebecois, blues, punk, Celtic, Balkan and doom metal, they create a soundscape that is both familiar and new.

Logo by Logologo. Now there's a mouthful.
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Saturday, March 21st 2020 - Darryl Purpose - Cancelled

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Hi everyone. We're sorry to say that with all the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 we've decided to cancel our house concert on March 21st. Our guest, Darryl Purpose, was due to travel over from Colorado but Trump's travel ban - and the general unpredictability of the whole situation - has forced our hand. Darryl was still happy to come as recently as today but was also justifiably concerned about what might happen when he's here and whether he'll be able to return home, should Trump decide to extend the ban to include countries where he does own a golf course.

We'll be in touch with everyone who's bought tickets to offer a refund or a credit against a future house concert.

Once again, apologies. Stay safe everyone.